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Control panel

Using the control panel

To configure protection and security settings for your workspace, use the Control Panel. Log in to the Coro console with your admin credentials and select the Settings icon at the top-right:

Accessing the Control Panel

The Control Panel contains the following icons as shown in the following image:

The Control Panel

Protection options

Cloud apps

Configure cloud applications to be monitored for users. See connecting cloud applications.


Manage the protection features for endpoint devices. See managing endpoint devices.


Manage lists of users and user groups for applying Coro protection. See protection for users and groups.


Configure email security settings, including trusted and untrusted domain lists. See managing email security.


Manage access to sensitive information and configure how data sharing is monitored. See managing your sensitive data.

Workspace Options

Admin Users

Set up additional admin users of your Coro console. See managing admin users.

Active Sessions

View and manage current sessions for active users of your Coro console. See reviewing active admin sessions.


Configure connectors for integrating Coro with external Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) services. See Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) integration.


Manage your current plan and payment details. See managing your subscription billing details.