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The Actionboard

The Coro service can be managed through the Coro Console. This is a web-based portal and accessible through most browsers. The console provides all the tools needed to manage and monitor your workspace.

Log into the Coro Console:

Use the link and credentials provided in the welcome email to log in using your business email, or go to Once logged in, users should see the Actionboard. This is the main dashboard to monitor and manage ticket activity for all protected apps, users, and devices.

The Actionboard is divided into the sections marked in the following image:

The Coro Actionboard

Workspace ID

Coro displays your current workspace name at the top-left of every screen.


Access the following areas of your workspace:

  • Ticket Log - Full details of all open and closed tickets raised for all protected applications, users, and devices.
  • Activity Log - The system activity log.
  • Control Panel - Your protection and security settings.
  • User Profile - Access profile and security settings.

Status messages

Coro provides recent status messages and alerts in this area relating to your subscription and recent activity.

Select View all to view a complete list of messages. Select the cross icon in a message to dismiss it.

Summary ribbon

The Summary ribbon provides the current high-level overview of your Coro service:

Summary ribbon

Each tile represents a protection component and displays the number of outstanding tickets requiring admin review and the number of resolved tickets from the previous 90 days when configured.

Select a tile to show the corresponding detailed ticket panel for that component.

Protection component ticket panels

For each protection component in your Coro service, a detailed ticket information panel is available in this section, allowing quick access from the relevant Summary ribbon tile.

To learn more about each panel, see the following sections: