Coro product documentation

This documentation provides a comprehensive set of user guides and reference materials for Coro users:

Coro and cyber attack protection

Introduces how Coro can provide protection for security risks faced by organizations.

Coro platform overview

Provides an overview of the Coro platform and descriptions of the terms used.

Using the Coro console

Describes how to manage your Coro subscription through the web-based console and how each section of the Actionboard works.

Ticket types

Includes complete listings of all Coro ticket types, by protection module

Cloud security

Provides details on how Coro protects your cloud applications.

Email security

Provides details on how Coro identifies and protects against email based threats, such as phishing.

Endpoint security

Provides details on how Coro protects and monitors endpoint devices.


Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) focuses on detecting and responding to advanced threats targeting endpoint devices.

Endpoint data governance

Describes how to configure Coro to monitor endpoint device drives for sensitive data.

User data governance

Describes how Coro helps you stay compliant with data governance regulations.


Coro's Network module enables organizations to configure a cloud based virtual office network, providing protection against external and internal attacks.

Mobile Device Management

Coro's Mobile Device Management (MDM) module enables you to manage iOS and Android mobile devices for end users across your organization.

Managed service

Describes how to configure managed service settings when a managed service add-on is enabled for at least one module.

Coro endpoint agent

Introduces the Coro Agent with setup and configuration instructions.


Describes how to manage your users' endpoint devices.

Access control

Describes how to manage the admin users within a workspace, including adding new admin users, managing roles and permissions, and viewing and revoking active sessions.


Provides information for integrations and API credentials.

Manage Workspaces admin

Provides information for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) on managing your customers' workspaces.