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The Protected users page provides a complete list of the protected users in your workspace.

To access the page, log into the Coro console and select the Users icon from the toolbar:

Users list

On this page, you can:

  • View the full list of users, with indicators showing whether a user has outstanding unresolved tickets.
  • Find users matching a specified search string.
  • Select a specific user to show more details, including:
    • Their email address.
    • The cloud application within which they are protected.
    • Open tickets connected with this user
    • An activity log summary filtered to show only those events involving this user.
  • Perform certain Actions on a user.

User actions

Coro provides the following Actions on the currently selected user:

Action Description
Close all tickets Close all open tickets associated with this user.
Request user to sign-in to all cloud apps Send a request to the user for them to sign-in to their cloud applications, triggering the authentication process to confirm the user's identity.
Suspend user from all cloud apps Send an instruction to all relevant connected cloud applications to suspend the user account.