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Connecting and disconnecting your Slack app

This article describes how to connect your Slack app for Coro protection.


Before you begin, make sure you have the following prerequisites:

  • A minimum subscription of Slack "Business Plus"
  • Full administrator access for your Slack subscription

Connecting to Coro

To connect Slack for Coro protection:

  1. Log into the Coro console.

  2. Navigate to Control Panel > Cloud applications:

    Cloud Applications icon in the Control Panel

  3. On the Cloud applications page, select CONNECT adjacent to the Slack logo, or use the + CONNECT button at the top:

    Cloud apps screen


    If you have no connected apps, Coro shows a banner page instead:

    Cloud applications screen

    In this scenario, select CONNECT CLOUD APPS or + CONNECT to start the process. Then, select Slack from the app selection pop-up that follows.

  4. The Connect to Slack dialog is displayed. Select CONNECT:

    Connect to slack screen


    Coro protection is available only to Slack customers on Business+ and Enterprise Grid plans.

  5. When the Slack login dialog appears, enter the email address associated with your Slack account.

    Slack email screen

    If a valid email address is entered, the Open a workspace dialog is displayed:

    Open a workspace screen

  6. Select the Slack Workspace you want to protect with Coro, and select the arrow icon.

  7. Select Allow to grant Coro permission to your Slack Workspace:

    Permission screens

Slack is now connected to Coro and shown as Connected:

Cloud apps screen

Disconnecting your Slack account

To disconnect Slack from Coro protection:

  1. Log into the Coro console and navigate to Control Panel > Cloud applications.

  2. Select DISCONNECT adjacent to the Slack logo.

  3. Select YES, DISCONNECT, once a confirmation dialog is displayed.

Slack is now disconnected from Coro protection.