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Connecting and disconnecting your Box account

This article describes how to connect your Box account for Coro protection.


Before you begin, make sure you have the following prerequisites:

  • A minimum subscription of Box "Enterprise"
  • Full administrator access for your Box subscription

Connecting to Coro

To connect your Box account for Coro protection:

  1. Create a new app in Box
  2. Connect your Box app to Coro

Creating a new app in Box

Use this process to create a new application for Coro in the Box developer console.

Perform the following steps:

  1. Sign into your Box developer console:

  2. In My Apps, select Create New App:

    Create new Box app

  3. Choose Custom App, then select Next:

    Custom app

  4. In the Custom App dialog:

    1. For Authentication Method, choose Server Authentication (with JWT).
    2. Specify an App name.
    3. Select Create app.

    Custom app options

  5. In your new application:

    1. Switch to the Configuration tab.
    2. For App Access Level, choose App + Enterprise Access.
    3. For Application Scopes, set the following permissions:
      • In Content Actions, leave all settings as their default values (only Read all files and folders stored in Box is enabled).
      • In Administrative Actions and Developer Actions, enable all settings.
    4. For Advanced Features, enable all settings.

    App enterprise scopes

  6. Select Save changes at the top-right corner of the screen.

    Save changes for Coro

  7. Locate the Add and Manage Public Keys section and select Generate a Public/Private Keypair.


    You are required to confirm this operation through 2FA (two-factor-authentication).

    Generating keys

    This generates a configuration file for your app.


    Save this file to your local workstation. Coro uses it to configure access to Box.

  8. Select OK to close the confirmation dialog, then select Save changes at the top-right corner of the screen:

    Select OK

  9. Switch to the Authorization tab and select Review and Submit:

    Review and submit

  10. In the Review App Authorization Submission dialog, review the presented App Info, then select Submit.

    Review app submission

  11. Select Back to My Account:

    Back to my account

  12. Select Admin Console:

    All files

  13. Select Apps from the side menu, then switch to the Custom Apps Manager tab.

  14. Find the record of your newly created Coro app, select the adjacent 3-dots menu, then select Authorize App:

    Authorizing app

  15. In the Authorize App dialog, check the information is correct and select Authorize.

    Authorizing app button

The process is now complete.

Connecting your Box app to Coro

  1. Log into the Coro console.

  2. Navigate to Control Panel > Cloud applications:

    Cloud Applications icon in the Control Panel

  3. On the Cloud applications page, select CONNECT adjacent to the Box logo, or use the + CONNECT button at the top:

    Cloud apps screen


    If you have no connected apps, Coro shows a banner page instead:

    Cloud applications screen

    In this scenario, select CONNECT CLOUD APPS or + CONNECT to start the process. Then, select Box from the app selection pop-up that follows.

  4. The Connect to Box dialog is displayed:

    Connect to Box dialog step 1

  5. Step 1 requires you to create a new Coro app in Box. This process is described in Create a new app in Box.

    If you have already created a Coro app in Box, select CONTINUE.

  6. In Step 2, specify the configuration file downloaded as part of the Box app creation process, then select CONFIRM:

    Connect to Box step 2

Box is now connected to Coro and is shown as Connected:

Cloud apps screen

Disconnecting your Box account

To disconnect Box from Coro protection:

  1. Log into the Coro console and navigate to Control Panel > Cloud applications.

  2. Select DISCONNECT adjacent to the Box logo.

  3. Select YES, DISCONNECT, once a confirmation dialog is displayed.

Box is now disconnected from Coro protection.