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The Coro Agent actively monitors user activity and sensitive data on endpoint devices, allowing the organization to enforce various security, compliance, and governance policies.

A summary of your endpoint devices is shown in the Devices Actionboard panel:

Devices Actionboard panel

The left pane shows:

  • A pie chart representing the total number of monitored endpoint devices.

    Select a segment of the chart to access a detailed view of devices in that category:

    • Red represents devices having unresolved critical issues.

    • Green represents devices with no issues.

  • A View button to access a detailed view of the activity for all monitored devices.

The right pane shows:

  • The number of currently open devices tickets, listed by category.

  • Tickets that have been resolved in the last 90 days, listed by category.

  • Resolve buttons to view and respond to open tickets of a specific category.

  • All links to enable you to view all tickets of the specified type.

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