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Deploying Coro on macOS endpoints

This guide describes the process for deploying the Coro Agent to macOS endpoints.

Prerequisites and system requirements

Before you begin, make sure your macOS device meets the following prerequisites:

  • Coro Security Platform utilizes a Bitdefender Software Development Kit (SDK). To avoid conflicts that may interfere with the installation of the Coro Agent, Bitdefender and any other antivirus software based on Bitdefender must be uninstalled prior to installing the Coro Agent.

  • macOS devices must meet the minimum specifications.

Deployment options

Install Coro Agent through one of the processes described below:

  • Self-install on single devices: An administrator obtains and emails an installer link to specific users on whose device it must be installed. The user selects the link and follows the instructions to install the software on their device. See Downloading and installing the Agent, below.

  • Mass deployment: An administrator downloads a copy of the Agent installer package, then deploys it to all devices using a mass deployment tool or method.

    Coro provides a number of articles covering mass deployment scenarios. To learn more:


    While deploying the Coro Agent to macOS devices, end users typically receive a pop-up warning requesting confirmation to allow or not allow the Coro Agent to filter network content:

    Filter Network Content confirmation dialog

    This warning is a security feature included with macOS and applies to all apps installed on the device that require such access. If you are deploying the Coro Agent via MDM tools to one or more devices and want to provide a silent installation, use the provided Config.mobileconfig file to automatically allow this component and bypass the warning.

    This file can be used on any MDM platform that supports custom policies. Refer to your MDM platform for specific instructions on deploying custom policies.

Downloading and installing the Agent

To download and install the Coro Agent:

  1. Log into the Coro console.
  2. Select the gear icon in the top-right corner to access the Control Panel.
  3. Select Devices > Agent Deployment.
  4. Select ACTIONS:

    Actions Button

Choose from the following actions:

  • Get a download link URL for the agent installer:

    1. Select Copy link.
    2. A Copy Download Link dialog is displayed containing a URL link to the agent installation file.

      Download Link

    3. Select COPY to copy the link to your clipboard.

    To install the agent, paste the link into a web browser and follow the instructions to install.


    Admin users can provide this link to all endpoint device users to install the agent directly. Alternatively, the same link can be used for mass deployment tools.

  • Download the installer file directly:

    1. Select Download to download the agent installation file to your local device.
    2. After the download is complete, open the installation file, and follow the instructions to install.

After the installation is complete, depending on the security posture of your macOS device, the agent may require additional Privacy & Security settings enabled. This is identified by the Coro Agent notification:

macOS agent notification

For example, macOS can require you to explicitly allow the Coro Endpoint Protection app to function:

macOS privacy and security settings

Select Allow to enable the app.

In addition, macOS may block the Coro agent from access to data on your device hard disk:

macOS full disk access

Enable Full Disk Access for the CoroService.

After the installation and security configuration is complete, the Agent may download additional updates:

Updates Banner

After the installation and update process is complete, you can open the agent from the macOS menu bar:

Agent Icon


After the installation is complete, ensure you disable any firewall rules that may interfere with Coro Agent connectivity.