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Agent settings

Coro provides endpoint device monitoring capabilities through the Agent:

  • Heartbeat interval

    Defines how often Coro pings devices to monitor their security status.

  • Tamper protection

    Prevents users and certain types of malware from tampering with important security features, disabling protection, or terminating the Agent.

  • Visibility mode

    Generates events and sends notifications to end users without performing any automatic remediation. Windows devices only.

  • Self-update

    Configures the Coro Agent to auto-update when new versions are released.

  • Advanced threat control

    Monitors active processes for known and potential threats, and blocks processes (that are not explicitly allowlisted) that exhibit suspicious behavior.

  • Secured shadow backup protection

    Enforces backup snapshots every four hours and blocks processes that exhibit risks to the backup. Windows devices only.

  • Enhanced EDR block mode

    Enables Enhanced EDR (endpoint detection and response) block mode to ensure access to timely data that may otherwise be suppressed by the environment.

  • Initial scan

    Configures the Coro Agent to perform an initial malware and ransomeware scan upon installation.