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Secure Web Gateway

Secure Web Gateway (SWG) is an optional add-on to Coro Network, which works with devices that are part of the exclusive VPN (devices with this policy use the VPN to access and encrypt all networking except for any external resources which have been added to the exclude list). From the SWG screen, admin users can activate domain name system (DNS) filtering and create allowlists and blocklists. DNS filtering allows admins to restrict or allow access to specific domains, as well as groups or categories of domains. For example, an admin user may block access to suspected malware sites, or enforce company policy by blocking access to gambling sites or social networks.

To access SWG:

  1. Log into the Coro console and select Control Panel from the toolbar:

    Control panel

  2. Select Network:

    Network from Control panel

  3. Select the SWG tab:

    SWG tab

    SWG is displayed.

    SWG screen

In the DNS filtering section, admin users can enable or disable DNS filtering. By default, DNS filtering is disabled. When an admin user enables DNS filtering for the first time, a predefined inactive set of external blocklists are added to the Allow/Block Lists section. Admin users can view and enable these lists.

DNS filtering


Even if DNS filtering is disabled, other DNS filters are not compatible with devices using the exclusive VPN. (You can use the VPN to encrypt all networking except for external resources that have been excluded).

When filtering is enabled, admin users can turn on DNS resolver anonymous mode, which offers privacy to users by not tracking individual data. The DNS request history is neither analyzed nor stored when this option is enabled. General statistics about DNS requests are available.

Below the DNS filtering section are the allowlists and blocklists. URLs can be added to lists by entering them manually or uploading them in a text file. When uploading in a text file, we recommend using our template to avoid invalid entries.

add to allow/block lists

  • Add URLs which should be allowed to the allowlist
  • Add URLs which should be blocked to the blocklist

Allowlists and blocklists can be viewed, deleted, disabled, and enabled. When a list is disabled, it appears grayed out.