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Changing the encryption strength

The Coro VPN offers two encryption strengths:

  • AES-128: faster, enterprise-grade security

  • AES-256: slower, military-grade security

By default, a virtual office has an encryption strength of AES-128. Admin users can change the encryption strength from the Virtual Office section of the Network module.


Changing the encryption strength disconnects your virtual office from the internet for a few minutes. Coro recommends making this change during non-business hours.

To change the encryption strength:

  1. Sign into the Coro console.

  2. Navigate to Control Panel -> Network -> Virtual Office.

  3. Scroll down to the Encryption strength section:

    Encryption strength

  4. Select the desired encryption strength.

  5. Select YES, CHANGE in the confirmation dialog:

    Confirm encryption strength

    The encryption strength is changed.