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Connecting a device to the VPN

VPNs establish a secure and encrypted connection over the internet between devices and a remote server. This connection makes it difficult for hackers or third parties to intercept or access the data being transmitted.

By default, end users can’t disconnect their devices from the VPN. Admin users can allow specific devices to be manually disconnected from the VPN.

For users who cannot disconnect from the VPN, the Coro Agent interface looks similar to:

VPN connected

To allow manual disconnection from the VPN:

  1. Log into the Coro console and select Control Panel from the toolbar:

    Control panel

  2. Select Network:

    Network from Control panel

  3. Select the Virtual Office tab:

    Virtual office tab

    The virtual office is displayed.

  4. Scroll down to Allow manual disconnection from VPN and check the box:

    Manually disconnect from VPN

  5. Add the device labels of any devices that should be allowed to manually disconnect from the VPN.

Users with devices capable of manual VPN disconnection can use the Coro Agent interface on their device to either connect to or disconnect from the VPN.

To connect or disconnect from the VPN:

  1. Locate the Coro icon from your device's system tray or menu bar:

    Coro icon

  2. Select the settings icon from the window that pops up:

    settings icon

  3. To connect, select CONNECT:

    VPN disconnected with option to connect

  4. To disconnect, select DISCONNECT.

    VPN connected with option to disconnect