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Deploying Coro via ConnectWise Automate

This guide describes how to deploy Coro to an endpoint device using ConnectWise Automate.

ConnectWise Automate is a remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution that provides complete access and control over agent and agentless devices across your network. You can remotely access devices, either manually or automatically, without disrupting users while resolving performance and security issues.

The procedure in this section describes:

  1. Creating a deployment script

  2. Deploying Coro


Use the same process to create a Coro Uninstall script, used to uninstall Coro from endpoint devices via Connectwise.


Before you begin this guide, make sure you have:

  • An active Coro subscription

  • Coro Agent version (3.1) or later installed on your device

  • A ConnectWise Automate administration account

  • Access to Connectwise Automate Control

  • Devices listed and ready for Coro deployment in ConnectWise Automate

Creating a deployment script

Follow this procedure to create a deployment script, which is used to deploy Coro on endpoint devices via Connectwise.

To create a deployment script:

  1. Sign into Connectwise Automate using an administrator account.

  2. From the main page, select Automation:

    ConnectWise Manage login

    All available scripts appear:

    Available scripts

  3. Right-click All Scripts:

    All Scripts

  4. Select Create Folder:

    Create Folder

    A new folder is created.

  5. Name the new folder 'Coro'.

  6. Right-click the 'Coro' subfolder, select Create Folder, and name the folder 'Coro Agent':

    Coro Agent folder

  7. Select the 'Coro Agent' folder, then select + ADD:

    Coro Agent folder

    The New Script page appears:

    New Script

  8. Enter the following deployment script information:

    • Name: The deployment script name, for example, 'Coro Agent Deployment'.

    • Description: The description for the deployment script, for example, 'A script to deploy Coro on remote devices'.

    • Target: Select Computer to apply the script to a device.

    • Automation Time: The amount of time the automation script saves. Enter 10 minute(s).

    • Options: Enable the following options:

      • Isolated Script: When enabled, ensures scripts that are scheduled against an agent are delayed until this particular script completes execution.


        Isolated Script is only available if the script Target is set to Computer.

      • Maintenance Script: When enabled, ensures the script executes on agents in maintenance modes that typically block script execution.


        Maintenance Script is only available if the script Target is set to Computer.

    New Script

  9. Select NEXT:

    New Script

  10. Drag the Execute Script action (found under the Command Execution section) as indicated below:

    New Script

  11. Enter the following script parameter information:

    • Script Type: Select PowerShell.

    • Script Editor: Paste the Coro Deployment script content provided by Coro support.

    • Script Parameters: Leave blank.

    • Script Credentials: Select Admin.

    • Variable: Leave blank.

  12. Select SAVE

    The Script Editor page reappears.

  13. Select the Settings tab:

  14. Toggle the Execute and Edit options for each User Class as indicated below:

    New Script


    Ensure both Execute and Edit options are ON to allow all users to edit and execute the script.

    Ensure Enable Enhanced Script Logging is enabled to create more detailed logs when the script is executed.

  15. Select SAVE.

    The Save Script confirmation dialog appears.

  16. Select YES:

    Save Script

    The script is saved.

  17. Select Automation:

    ConnectWise Manage login

  18. Expand the 'Coro' folder and select the 'Coro Agent' subfolder; the script you created is visible in the right pane:

    New script created

Deploying Coro

Deploy Coro to required devices via the created deployment script as follows:

  1. From the main page, select the desired device(s) from the Computer Name list:

    Select device(s)

  2. Select Scripts and then select the script from the list:

    Select script

    A deployment options dialog appears:

  3. Leave all options as default and select RUN:

    Deployment options

    A message appears to inform you the script is scheduled to run on the selected device(s).

    If the user has insufficient permissions:

    • Sign out of Connectwise Automate and then sign back in.

    • If unsuccessful, ensure the user has the correct script execution permissions:

    • From the main page, select Settings:


    • Select User Management.

    • Ensure the specified user has all necessary permissions.

  4. Select OK:

    Deployment scheduled

  5. To check the status of the script, select Auditing


    The Auditing page appears. An overview of the deployment script is displayed:


    The script is ready to be executed for the selected devices. The Coro Agent is deployed immediately upon execution or at the scheduled execution time.