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Deploying Coro with Datto RMM

This guide describes how to deploy the Coro Agent to your Windows endpoints through the Datto Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) platform.

To configure Datto, perform the following steps:

  1. Download Coro Agent v2.0.36.1 or later from the Coro Console (for instructions, see Deploying Coro on windows endpoints). Make a note of the name of the installer file, typically in the format CoroInstaller_[workspace-ID].msi.

  2. Access your Datto dashboard, and navigate to Automation > Components. Select Create component:

    Create new Datto component

  3. Specify a component name, set the Script type to Batch, and specify the following command string:

    msiexec /i CoroInstaller_[Workspace-ID].msi /qn


    Substitute CoroInstaller_[Workspace-ID].msi with the real name of your downloaded installer file from step 1.

    Setting component parameters

  4. In the Sites section, select ADD SITE. Then, add the groups you want to have access to the installer:

    Adding groups

  5. In the Files section, select ADD FILE. Then, choose the Coro Agent installer file you downloaded from the Coro Console:

    Adding the installer file


    Creating the component

  7. Navigate to Automation > Jobs, then select CREATE JOB:

    Creating a job

  8. Specify a name for the new job.

  9. In the Components section, select ADD COMPONENT.

    Add a component to the job

  10. Choose the component created in the previous steps.

  11. In the Targets section, select ADD TARGET:

    Adding a target

  12. Choose the devices or groups to which you want to deploy the Coro Agent:

    Choosing target devices or groups

  13. In the Execution section, select Run as logged in user:

    Choosing Run as logged in user

  14. Select CREATE JOB:

    Create the job

  15. As the job deploys, use the Datto dashboard to monitor its progress. The installer runs silently in the background to minimize interruption in productivity.