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Mobile Device Management with Coro

Coro's Mobile Device Management (MDM) module enables you to manage iOS and Android mobile devices for end users across your organization. You can use MDM to report on mobile device activity and usage, enforce app policies across your company-owned devices, and remotely wipe sensitive data if devices are compromised.

MDM works with iOS and Android devices in two categories:

Category Description
Company owned (supervised) devices Devices provided and configured by your organization to allow remote monitoring and policy-based control.

Your IT teams can enforce application allow lists, access specific device details, and remotely reset compromised devices to factory default settings.
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Devices owned by individual employees, but used for work-related reasons under the terms of an organizational compliance policy.

For iOS, devices are not remotely configurable or policy controlled, but can be monitored in a limited way after the user installs a provided profile.

For Android, devices are configured with a separate switchable Work profile for device monitoring, policy-controlled application usage, and remote deletion of sensitive profile data. The device owner's original Personal profile remains unaffected.

In all cases, monitoring is limited to device information (model, serial number, and so on), connection status (the device is on and connected to the internet), and the list of applications installed on the device.

Coro MDM encompasses the following aspects:

To access the MDM module, select Mobile Device Management from the Coro Actionboard:

Accessing Mobile Device Management from the Coro Actionboard


If Mobile Device Management is not enabled, contact your Coro sales representative.