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Coro high-level architecture

Coro high-level architecture

Coro protects and monitors your cloud applications, users, and devices. To add Coro protection to your organization, talk to your sales representative or subscribe to one of our plans offered at

Coro cybersecurity platform contains multiple components that work together to provide a complete cybersecurity solution. This article offers a high-level overview of each component, how they work, and the roles and responsibilities involved in deployment.

Coro service

A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud component that forms the core of the Coro solution. It handles all data processing, analysis, reporting, and communication with endpoint devices and the various cloud applications with which Coro can work.

The Coro service runs within a highly secure and fully redundant AWS environment, with all data and communication between the Coro service and other components being encrypted and monitored for suspicious activity.

Region-specific subscription

Organizations might be required to store data within a specific operational region to meet local regulatory requirements. Coro supports this by enabling organizations to create workspaces and store data in Coro's US, Canadian, or German data centers.

Your Coro sales representative will confirm your region of choice before a subscription is activated.

The console for each region has a unique URL:

Coro console

A secure web-based user interface that enables subscribers and their security teams to configure and monitor their Coro workspace. The console connects to the backend Coro service through a central API. The API also offers integration for technology partners to extend functionality to their own services.

Endpoint devices

Coro can monitor and protect various devices used by end-users and servers through the Coro Agent, which provides endpoint monitoring and protection. The Coro Agent supports the following platforms:

  • Windows PC
  • Windows Server
  • macOS

The Coro Agent is fully autonomous and functional even if communication with the Coro service is disrupted, providing continuous protection for the endpoint device. Learn more about the Coro Agent.

Cloud applications

Coro protects remote cloud or Software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications assigned by the subscriber. Subscribers can connect Coro to one or more applications using the dedicated APIs provided by each app through the Coro console. Learn more about connecting applications to Coro.

Roles and responsibilities

Coro maintains the core cloud service and provides access to the console for subscribers to configure their protection and monitoring settings. Through the console, Coro also provides access to the Agent software that subscribers can download and deploy to their endpoint devices.

Who Responsibility
Coro Maintains the core service and console components, and provides access to the Coro Agent software.
Subscriber Configures protection for subscribed modules and add-ons, connects Coro to cloud apps, and deploys the Coro Agent to endpoint devices.