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Firewall disabled

A firewall is a security feature that monitors and controls network traffic. It enforces rules to allow or block incoming and outgoing data, protecting the device from unauthorized access and cyber threats. Enabling a Firewall enhances system security by acting as a barrier between the device and the internet.

Creating a new Firewall disabled policy

To create a new Firewall disabled policy:

  1. From the Device Posture tab, select + ADD:

    Add new device posture policy

  2. Select Add to Windows or Add to macOS.

    The Add new device policy dialog appears.

  3. Select Firewall disabled from the Select policy type dropdown.

    Add new Firewall disabled policy

  4. Configure the following attribute:

    • Action: Select Enforce or Review.
  5. Enter label names (predefined or custom) to the Labels field listed under Apply policy to devices with these labels to apply the new policy to specific groups of devices.

    Apply device policy labels

  6. Select SAVE.

    The policy is created with the configured settings.


    When a firewall is disabled on a device, a Firewall disabled ticket type is created.

The policy can be viewed by selecting the dropdown next to Firewall disabled on the Device Posture tab. See: Device posture configuration overview.

The following policy details are displayed:

  • Device labels applicable to the policy.

  • The action(s) applicable to the policy, for example, Enforce.

View Firewall disabled policy