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Device protection settings

Use this tab to configure settings for endpoint device protection and monitoring. These settings apply to all devices in the workspace on which the Coro Agent is installed.

To access device settings:

  1. Sign into the Coro console, then select Control Panel from the toolbar:

    Control panel

  2. Select Devices:


  3. Select the Settings tab:


In this tab, add device label (where shown) for protection settings to apply to specific groups of devices.

Choose from the following settings:

Heartbeat interval

This setting describes how frequently the Coro Agent on endpoint devices communicates with the Coro service. For example, Every Minute indicates that the Agent sends a heartbeat signal to Coro once per minute.

The data transmitted during the heartbeat is minimal and is designed to keep the Agent and Coro connected, ensuring stable communication and timely updates. However, there is a trade-off. Shorter intervals can increase management workload, while a longer interval can mean logs and reports are less current.

Coro recommends choosing a value that provides the best compromise based on your system requirements, network capacity, and the level of real-time updates desired.

Tamper protection

Tamper Protection prevents users and certain types of malware from accessing or tampering with the Coro Agent's security features. Tamper Protection is enabled by default.

If you are planning a mass deployment or a direct upgrade, Coro recommends disabling Tamper Protection in your workspace prior to downloading and installing the latest Agent version to your endpoint devices.


To uninstall the Coro Agent, Tamper protection must be disabled.

Visibility mode

When enabled, the Coro Agent generates events and sends notifications to end users, but no automatic remediation (such as quarantine or process kill) is performed.


Visibility mode is only available for Windows devices.

Allow self-update to the latest stable version

Use this section to configure your endpoint devices to auto-update the Coro Agent as new stable versions are released. Apply the labels representing the device groups to which you want self-update to be activated.

For macOS devices, an auto-update requires the user's approval. For Windows devices, the auto-update process is fully automatic.