Version 2.1.3 provides new features, existing feature enhancements, and fixes.

New features

This section describes the following new features that we are releasing with version 2.1.3:

1 - Generate API credentials within the Coro Security Platform

You can now generate Coro REST API credentials from within the Coro Security Platform. This functionality includes several components that enhance the overall security when generating API credentials:

For further information, see Managing API credentials.


This section describes the enhancements that we’re releasing with version 2.1.3:

1 - Additional Coro REST API endpoints

We have added two additional endpoints to the Coro REST API:

  • GET /v1/workspaces : Allows API users to retrieve information about their own workspace and any related child workspaces.
  • GET /v1/devices/agents/latest : Allows API users to retrieve information about the most recent stable agents available for each operating system supported by Coro, including the Coro Agent installation URL.

2 - MSP workspace parent/child hierarchy updates

We have improved the nesting of parent-child workspace relationships in addition to some related functionality in order to facilitate super-channels.

MSP workspace administrators can now:

  • Create MSP children in addition to end customer children.
  • View all of their descendants (not only direct children) in the MSP portal, regardless of whether they are direct customers or MSPs.
  • Change the plan for themselves and their direct children, whether they are direct customers or MSPs.

The UI for the Add Child Workspace and Info/Edit Child Workspace Info dialogs has been updated for child channel workspaces:

MSP child workspace settings

The following configuration options apply when child channel workspaces are created:

  • Scan Unprotected Users : Enabled by default.

Endpoint Detection & Response Enabled is no longer configurable. The value is inherited by direct descendants which are not themselves MSPs.

Fixed items

The following fixes are included with version 2.1.3:

  • Fixed an issue in the MSP Portal where the View workspace dropdown option was not functioning.
  • Fixed an issue where some SIEM event types were displaying empty device metadata.
  • Fixed an issue when protection was disabled on a device and Undo was selected in the Activity Log , protection remained disabled on the device.
  • Fixed an issue where disabling protection for devices selected from a filtered list removed protection from all devices rather than just the selected devices.