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Managing enrolled devices

Coro enables you to monitor and manage your enrolled mobile devices through the Devices page.

To view your MDM-enrolled devices, perform the following steps:

  1. Log into the Coro console.

  2. Select the Mobile Device Management module.


    If Mobile Device Management is not enabled, contact your Coro sales representative.

  3. From the MDM Mangement page, select the Devices tab.

Devices tab

On this page, you can:

  • View enrolled devices and see details such as device type, status, and applied policy.

  • Enroll a new device. For more information, see Enrolling iOS devices or Enrolling Android devices.

  • Filter the devices shown in the table by policy, operating system, status, and enrollment type.

  • Search for a specific device by serial number (3 characters minimum).

  • View a detail page for a device. See Accessing detailed device information.

  • See the applications installed on a device.

  • Assign and unassign policies.

  • Activate a remote wipe request for a device.

  • View policy violations.

  • Resynchronize device connections. Use the refresh icon at the top-right of the device list to request Coro to send a check-in request to each enrolled device:

    Re-synchronize enrolled devices

    The Last Check-in Date field is updated as each device responds.

Device information and options

The Devices list contains details of all your enrolled devices. Each device entry is shown with the following information:

Property Description
Device Serial Number The identifying serial number of the enrolled device.

NOTE: Due to Google's privacy policy, BYOD Android devices are prevented from reporting their serial number. Instead, such devices report a substitute identifier which Coro MDM displays.
Device System The operating system running on the device.
Device Status An indicator of the status of the device:

Active (green indicator): The device is active and connected.
Inactive (Amber indicator): The device has not responded in 3 days.
Tagged for disenrollment (Grey indicator): The device is tagged for disenrollment.
Disenrolled (White indicator): The device has been disenrolled.
Enrollment Type The type of enrollment.

One of:

* Supervised
* Bring Your Own.
Policy The name of any applied device policy, including an indicator if the policy has been contravened.

For more details, see Managing device policies.
Hardware The device manufacturer and model.
Last Check-in Date The date the device last checked-in with Coro.

In addition to these fields, Coro provides an Action menu for each device. Available actions are (as applicable):

  • Mark for disenrollment: (Enrolled devices only) Mark this device as no longer enrolled with Coro MDM and remove the profile and assigned policies from the device (at the next successful synchronization). The device remains in the list, but is shown as disenrolled and device details are no longer available. Disenrolled devices cannot be re-activated directly, but can be reenrolled with Coro MDM through the normal method (see Enrolling iOS devices or Enrolling Android devices).
  • Wipe data: Initiate a remote wipe on the device. See Remotely wiping a device.
  • Assign policy: (Devices with no current assigned policy only) Assign a device policy to this device.
  • Remove policy: (Devices with an existing assigned policy only) Remove an existing policy from this device.
  • Remove device: Remove a disenrolled or inactive device.


    You cannot remove active enrolled devices. Mark these devices for disenrollment first.

Accessing detailed device information

To view detailed information about a device, select it from the devices list.

Coro displays a page dedicated to that device. Choose from the following tabs:

  • Device Details:

    Device details page

    This tab shows a page of details regarding the device. The fields shown are the same as on the main Devices page.

  • Application Management:

    Device app management page

    This tab provides a list of applications installed on the device as reported to Coro.

    The list includes the following details:

    Property Description
    App Name The display name of the installed application.
    Version The installed app version.
    Bundle ID The unique identifier of an app in Apple's or Google's app stores.

Remotely wiping a device

Coro can initiate a remote wipe on an enrolled device to prevent sensitive data from being viewed by unauthorized individuals.

To request the remote wipe, select the Action menu for a device and choose Wipe data.

Activate remote wipe

For iOS:

  • Remote wipe is possible only with supervised devices.

  • For devices running iOS 17 or later, a remote wipe performs a factory reset. However, where your device was previously enrolled as supervised, you can optionally select to retain this state.

  • For devices running iOS versions earlier than 17, the device is fully reset and no state or user data remains.

For Android:

  • On company owned devices, a remote wipe request performs a full factory reset.

  • On BYOD devices, a remote wipe request removes the work profile and all related data. Any personal profile is unnaffected.