Integrating with Autotask PSA

Autotask Professional Services Automation (PSA) is a comprehensive business management platform designed for IT service providers, including managed service providers (MSPs). It streamlines operations such as billing, project management, and service ticketing to improve efficiency and customer service.

Coro integrates with Autotask PSA to enable MSPs to report billing data by mapping services (Coro modules and add-ons) and accounts (managed workspaces).


Before you begin this guide, make sure you have:

  • An Autotask PSA administration account.
  • Familiarity with the Autotask PSA environment.
  • Admin user access to a Coro console channel workspace.

Configuring an Autotask PSA connector


The processes discussed here are the minimum requirements for configuring Autotask.

To integrate Coro with Autotask, a PSA connector must be configured. To configure a PSA connector:

  1. Configure Autotask
  2. Configure the Coro console

Configuring Autotask

Perform the following steps to configure Autotask:

  1. Sign into your Autotask environment
  2. Create a new API member

Signing into your Autotask environment

To sign into your Autotask environment:

  1. Go to .
  2. Enter your username, and then select Continue :

    Autotask login

  3. Enter your password, and then select Login :

    Autotask login

  4. Enter your authentication code, and then select Verify :

    Autotask login

    Provided your login credentials are correct, you successfully log in to your Autotask environment:

    Autotask login

Creating a new API member

An Autotask API member is a specific type of user account created within the Autotask platform designed to interact with the platform's API.

To create a new API member:

  1. Sign into Autotask .
  2. Select the top left menu, and then select Admin > Account Settings & Users :

    Account Settings & Users

  3. Expand Resources/Users (HR) from the Account Settings & Users tab, and then select Resources/Users :


    The Resources page appears:


  4. Select + New , and then select New API User :

    New API User

    The Add API User dialog appears:

    Add API User

  5. Enter the required fields in the General section:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email Address
    • Security Level
    • Primary Internal Location


  6. Under the Credentials section, select Generate Key and Generate Secret to create the Username (Key) and Password (Secret) , respectively.



    The Password (Secret) is available only at the time of creation and is not retrievable later. If you lose your password (secret), you must generate a new one.

  7. Enter the following fields in the API Tracking Identifier section:
    • Make sure "Integration Vendor" is selected.
    • Integration Vendor : Select "Coro Cybersecurity - REST API Integration".

    API Tracking Identifier

  8. Select Save & Close :

    Save & Close

    The new API member is created and appears on the Resources page list.

Configuring the Coro console

After configuring Autotask, perform the following steps to configure the Coro console:

  1. Create an Autotask connector
  2. Map workspaces
  3. Map services

Creating an Autotask connector


PSA connectors are only configurable within channel workspaces. For further information, see Workspace overview.

To create an Autotask PSA connector:

  1. Sign into the Coro console and select Control Panel from the toolbar:

    Control panel

  2. Under Workspace , select Connectors :

    Accessing the Connectors page

    The Connectors page appears:

    The Connectors page

  3. Select the PSA tab:

    PSA page

  4. Select ADD CONNECTOR :

    Add connector

    If you have existing PSA connections, select + ADD CONNECTOR:

    Add connector

    The Add PSA Connection dialog appears.

  5. Select Autotask :

    Add PSA Connection

    The Add Autotask connector dialog appears:

    Add PSA Connection

  6. Enter the following information:
    • User name : See here .
    • Secret : See here .
    • API integration code : Provided by Autotask.
  7. Select CONNECT :


    Provided the credentials are correct, the Autotask connector is created, and appears in the PSA Connectors list as Connected.

    The Workspace mapping and Service mapping columns appear with a Setup required status.

    After the Autotask connector is created and listed as Connected in the PSA Connectors list, you can map workspaces and services.

Mapping workspaces

Workspace mapping allows you to link Coro child workspaces to Autotask companies (accounts). An Autotask company represents a Coro child workspace.


Make sure your Autotask data is configured correctly to ensure there is a one to one mapping between your Coro workspaces and Autotask companies.

To map an Autotask company to a Coro workspace:

  1. Under Workspace mapping , select Setup required :

    Map workspace

    The Workspace mapping page appears:

    Workspace mapping page

    The Coro workspace column displays all Coro child workspaces that are linked to the current channel workspace.

  2. From the Autotask Company column of the intended workspace record, select the dropdown next to Map :

    Workspace mapping page

    A list of Autotask companies appears:

    Autotask company search

  3. Use the search bar to find the required Autotask company:

    Autotask company search

  4. Select the company from the filtered list:

    Autotask company search

    The Autotask company is successfully mapped to the Coro child workspace:

    Autotask company mapped

    The company selected from the Autotask company dropdown in the Coro console corresponds to an Account in Autotask:

    Autotask company mapped

    Autotask company mapped


    Ensure the Autotask company is mapped to the correct Coro child workspace.

  5. Select the PSA tab on the Connectors page:

    The Workspace mapping column now shows that one Coro child workspace is mapped to an Autotask company:

    Autotask company mapped


    Perform additional workspace mapping as required.

Mapping services

After mapping your workspaces, proceed to service mapping to associate Coro services with Autotask services. An Autotask service represents a specific Coro module or add-on, for example, Endpoint Security or Secure Messages.


Make sure your Autotask data is configured correctly to ensure there is a one to one mapping between your Coro services and Autotask services. Ensure each company has a contract that contains only one of each Coro service type.

To map an Autotask service to an available Coro service:

  1. Select the value listed under the Service mapping column:

    Service mapping

    The Service mapping page appears:

    Service mapping page

  2. From the Autotask Services column of the targeted workspace record, select the Map dropdown:

    Service to map

    A list of Autotask services appears:

    Autotask service search

  3. Use the search bar to find the required Autotask service:

    Autotask service search

  4. Select the service from the filtered list:

    Autotask service search

    The Autotask service is successfully mapped to the Coro service:

    Autotask service mapped

    The service selected from the Autotask services dropdown in the Coro console corresponds to the Service Name in Autotask:

    Autotask company mapped

    Autotask service mapped


    Ensure the Autotask service is mapped to the correct Coro service.

  5. Select the PSA tab on the Connectors page:

    The Service mapping column now shows that one Coro service is mapped to an Autotask service:

    Autotask service mapped


    Perform additional service mapping as required.

    After you successfully map workspaces and services, the integration setup between Autotask and Coro is complete. Autotask synchronizes device and user data across all connected company Coro workspaces daily.