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Adding a new admin user

This article describes how to add a new admin user to a workspace.

To add a new admin user account:

  1. Sign into the Coro console and select Control Panel from the toolbar:

    Control Panel

  2. Select Access Control:

    Access control

  3. Select the Admin users tab:

    Admin users

  4. Select + ADD ADMIN:

    Add admin user button

    The Add admin user dialog appears:

    Add admin user

  5. Enter values for:

    • First Name: The first name of the admin user
    • Last Name: The last name of the admin user
    • Email: The email address associated with the admin user, to which the invitation to join the workspace is sent
    • Role: The role of the admin user. For more information on roles, see roles
  6. Select ADD ADMIN USER.

    Coro sends an email to the specified address inviting the user to accept the role of workspace admin user. The new admin user account is added to the admin user list, with the status Invited on MMM DD, YYYY.

    When the new admin user accepts the invitation, the status is updated to Active:

    Active user

Prior to your new admin user accepting an email invitation, use the three-dot menu for the user to perform these actions:

  • Edit admin user: Edit the user details.

  • Resend invite: Resend the invite.

  • Remove admin user: Remove the user.

  • Copy invite link: Copy the invitation link URL to your clipboard.