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Adding a new admin user

All admin users have equivalent rights and privileges in the Coro console. A newly-added admin user can remove all other admin users if their credentials are shared with, or exploited by, an attacker. Make sure the email address you specify here is valid and legitimate.

To add a new admin user account, perform the following steps:

  1. Select + Add Admin.
  2. In the Add Administrator dialog, enter a First Name, Last Name, and valid Email address. Then, select Add Administrator.

Coro sends an email to the address you specified, inviting the user to accept the role of administrator for your workspace. The new user account is added to your admin user list with a status of Invited on date.

After your new administrator accepts the invitation and logs in to the workspace, this status updates to Active.

Adding an admin user

Prior to your new admin user accepting an email invitation, use the 3-dot menu for the user to perform certain pre-joining actions. You can:

  • Resend the invite
  • Remove the user
  • Copy the invitation link URL to the clipboard