Adding a new MSP admin user

This article describes how to add a new Managed Service Provider (MSP) admin user. MSP admin users manage their channel workspace and any descendant workspaces.

To add a new MSP admin user account:

  1. Sign into the Coro console .
  2. Select Manage Workspaces from the toolbar:

    Manage Workspaces

    The Manage Workspaces portal appears:

    Manage Workspaces UI

  3. Select the MSP admin users tab:

    MSP admin users tab

    The MSP admin users screen appears:

    MSP admin users

  4. Select + ADD MSP ADMIN USER :

    add MSP admin user button

    The Add MSP admin user dialog appears:

    add MSP admin user

  5. Select a channel workspace to which you want to add the MSP admin user.
  6. Select an existing admin user from the workspace to upgrade to an MSP admin user. To add a new admin user to a workspace, see adding a new admin user .
  7. Select a role for the MSP admin user. For more information about roles, see MSP admin user roles .
  8. Select SAVE .

    The MSP admin user is added.