Access control

What is the difference between the roles of super admin and administrator?

Admin users with administrator or super admin permissions can both view and manage everything in a workspace. Admin users with super admin permissions can also reassign roles to admin users in the workspace.

For more information, see roles.

With the Access Control feature, what default role do preexisting admin users receive?

All current admin users will receive super admin permissions when the Access Control feature is first introduced. These admin users can be assigned other roles afterwards. Going forward, you assign roles when creating new admin users.

For more information about assigning roles to new admin users, see adding an admin user.

Is there a maximum number of custom roles that can be added?

No, there is no limit to the number of custom roles.

How does the introduction of granular control reduce the risk of internal threats and enhance the precision of activity audits?

Granular control reinforces the principle of least privilege by restricting access to only what is necessary for an individual's role, reducing internal and external security risks. This approach also helps in auditing and tracking activities more accurately leading to a better understanding of potential vulnerabilities.

For more information, see roles.

How does the new access control feature facilitate an organization's ability to quickly adapt its security measures in response to organizational changes or emerging security threats?

The flexibility to customize access and roles ensures that organizations can adapt quickly to changes, including onboarding new employees, adjusting to shifts in team structures, or responding to evolving security threats.

For more information, see roles.

How can the new access control feature assist organizations in regulated industries to meet compliance requirements?

Customizable access controls and custom roles support compliance with regulatory standards by ensuring precise management of data access, crucial in regulated industries.

For more information, see roles.

How does access control ensure that security and operational efficiency are not compromised by growth and expansion?

As organizations grow, security needs become more complex. Coro scales alongside the organization by implementing customizable access and roles, ensuring that expanding teams and diversifying operations do not lead to compromises in security practices or efficiency.

For more information, see roles.

Is it possible to create an admin user with read-only access?

Yes, you can create an admin user and assign them the Viewer role.