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Scheduling a sensitive data scan

Coro enables you to create scheduled endpoint device sensitive data scans for storage drives on Windows and macOS devices. These scans activate at a specified time and frequency, for example, every Friday at 3 a.m.


If a device is offline during a scheduled scan, the scan automatically starts when the device reconnects to Coro.

Configuring a scheduled sensitive data scan

To configure a new scheduled sensitive data scan:

  1. Sign into the Coro console and select Control Panel from the toolbar:

    Control Panel

  2. Select Endpoint Data Governance:

    EDG module

  3. Select the Sensitive data scans tab:

    Sensitive data scans tab


    If you have no scans currently scheduled, Coro shows a banner page instead:

    Add new scan schedule

  4. Select + ADD SCHEDULE:

    Add new scan schedule

    The Add new scan schedule dialog appears:

    Add new scan schedule dialog

  5. Configure the following settings:

    • Select Operation System: Select the target device operating system - Windows or macOS.
    • Every (days): Specifies how often the scheduled scan runs (maximum value 21 days.)
    • Preferred time: Specifies the time to start the scheduled scan. The time corresponds to the current time zone of the device.
    • Apply to: Specifies which drives are scanned for sensitive data:
      • All: All device drives are included in the scheduled scan.
      • Unencrypted: Only unencrypted drives are included in the scan.
    • Labels: Enter the device label names (predefined or custom) to apply the scan schedule to the specified groups of devices.

    Apply the scan schedule to groups of devices

  6. Select SAVE to save your new schedule with the configured settings.

Updating scan schedules

To update or delete a previously created scan schedule, select the three-dot menu adjacent to the schedule you want to change:

Edit or delete a scan schedule

From the menu:

  • Edit: Presents an Edit scan schedule dialog enabling you to update the schedule configuration.


    You cannot modify the operating system type for an existing schedule. All other settings are editable.

  • Delete: Permanently delete this schedule.

Scan notifications and outcomes

After a scheduled scan is activated, the Coro Agent displays a notification in the desktop app:

Sensitive data scan initiated

After the scan completes, the Coro Agent displays the following notification:

Sensitive data scan ended

If any tickets were generated by the scheduled scan, you can view them from the Open Tickets section of the device’s Activity Log.

Sensitive data scan tickets