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Product Documentation

This documentation provides a comprehensive set of user guides and reference materials for Coro users:

  • Coro and cyber attack protection

    Introduces how Coro can provide protection for security risks faced by organizations.

  • Coro platform overview

    Provides an overview of the Coro platform and descriptions of the terms used.

  • Using the Coro console

    Describes how to manage your Coro subscription through the web-based console and how each section of the Actionboard works.

  • Ticket types

    Includes complete listings of all Coro ticket types, by protection module

  • Cloud security

    Provides details on how Coro protects your cloud applications.

  • Email security

    Provides details on how Coro identifies and protects against email based threats, such as phishing.

  • Endpoint security

    Provides details on how Coro protects and monitors endpoint devices.

  • EDR

    Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) focuses on detecting and responding to advanced threats targeting endpoint devices.

  • Endpoint data governance

    Describes how to configure Coro to monitor endpoint device drives for sensitive data.

  • User data governance

    Describes how Coro helps you stay compliant with data governance regulations.

  • Network

    Coro's Network module enables organizations to configure a cloud based virtual office network, providing protection against external and internal attacks.

  • Mobile Device Management

    Coro's Mobile Device Management (MDM) module enables you to manage iOS and Android mobile devices for end users across your organization.

  • Managed SOC

    Describes how to configure Security Operations Center (SOC) settings when a SOC add-on is enabled for at least one module.

  • Coro endpoint agent

    Introduces the Coro Agent with setup and configuration instructions.

  • Devices

    Describes how to manage your users' endpoint devices.

  • Access control

    Describes how to manage the admin users within a workspace, including adding new admin users, managing roles and permissions, and viewing and revoking active sessions.

  • Connectors

    Provides information for integrations and API credentials.

  • Manage workspaces admin

    Provides information for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) on managing your customers' workspaces.