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Secure Messages

The Secure Messages tab provides access to the Secure Messages email client add-ins and web portal:

Secure Messages


The Secure Messages tab is only enabled if the Secure Messages add-on is enabled for your workspace.

Secure Messages service

Secure Messages is a sender-to-recipient email encryption service that offers a secure digital messaging system that transforms how you communicate, collaborate, and share data with your customers and business partners. Secure Messages utilizes an advanced two-part encryption mechanism that initiates as soon as a message is sent. The Secure Messages add-in is available for Microsoft Outlook 365 and Gmail.

Secure Messages enables you to send sensitive information and documents using a robust 2-part encryption mechanism, recipient-only access to messages, certified proof of email delivery, and built-in anti-malware verification. While anyone with a valid email address can create a Secure Messages account and reply to received messages, protected users within a Coro workspace can compose and forward messages.


Protected users: Users that have been explicitly added to Coro for protection by an Admin user, either individually or as part of a user group from a cloud application

To learn more about using Secure Messages: