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Email client add-ins

Coro offers anti-phishing protection. All incoming emails are scanned for phishing and malware, and those that are flagged are moved to specific folders. Furthermore, admin users are notified of such suspicious emails and can decide whether or not to delete them from the users' mailboxes.

The Coro Add-ins allow users to report potentially malicious emails that Coro may have overlooked. Users can also report emails that they believe were incorrectly flagged by Coro.

There are two Add-ins available, which are compatible with both web interfaces and native applications for Windows and MacOS:

Installing and using the Coro add-in for Microsoft Outlook

Select Install for Outlook 365. You will be redirected to the Microsoft AppSource page. For further information and installation instructions, see *Installing and using the Coro Add-in for Microsoft Outlook.

Installing and using the Coro add-in for Gmail

Select Install for Gmail. You will be redirected to the Google Workspace Marketplace page where further installation instructions and add-on information is provided.


The installation of Add-ins is performed by a Microsoft 365/Google Workspace administrator for all employees simultaneously, rather than individually.


After installation, the look and feel of the UI depends on whether you are using the Add-in in a web interface or native application. The following functionality demonstration uses the Microsoft outlook Add-in within the native Microsoft Outlook application.

If you suspect an email as phishing:

  • Select the email and then select the Coro icon on the top toolbar: Add-Ins toolbar

  • The Coro Add-in panel is displayed: Add-Ins control panel

  • Select the REPORT PHISHING button. A Marked as phishing label is appended to the top of the email: Marked as phishing

  • The email is automatically moved to the Suspected folder: Moved to Suspected folder

To report an email in the Suspected folder as safe:

  • Select the email within the Suspected folder, and then select the Coro icon on the top toolbar.
  • Select the MARK AS SAFE button. The email is moved from the Suspected folder to your inbox.

In the Ticket Log, emails reported as phishing using the Add-in generate an Email Phishing ticket marked for admin review, and are displayed with a phishing feedback icon:

Phishing ticket icon

Tickets associated with emails marked as safe by the Add-in are automatically updated and flagged for admin review. A green phishing feedback icon is added to these tickets:

Add-in tickets