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Manage Workspaces overview

The Manage Workspaces portal allows Managed Service Provider (MSP) administrators to manage their respective customer workspaces.

The following workspace types can be managed:

  • Regular – Workspaces assigned to direct customers

  • Child – Workspaces belonging to the customers of an MSP

  • Channel – The MSP workspace, which functions as the parent/container of all respective child workspaces

From the Manage Workspaces portal MSP administrators can:

  • Create Channel, Child and Regular workspaces

  • Edit existing customer workspaces (Regular and Child)

  • Export all workspace data to a CSV file

  • Manage workspace subscriptions (Bundles and Modules)

Accessing the Manage Workspaces portal

to access the Manage Workspaces portal:

Using the Manage Workspaces portal

  • Use the Status, Modules, and Type filters to restrict the list of workspaces to particular workspace statuses, modules, or types:

    Manage Workspaces filter and search

  • Use ACTIONS to create workspaces and export workspace data to a CSV file:

    Workspace actions

  • Use the three-dot action menu adjacent to a particular workspace:

    Workspace specific actions

For further information on the workspace lifecycle, see The workspace lifecycle.

For further information on managing workspace subscriptions, See Managing workspace subscriptions.

For further information on exporting workspaces, see Export workspace list to CSV.