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Exporting a workspace list to CSV

You can export (filtered) lists of workspaces as CSV files from the Manage Workspaces page, which can then be downloaded from the Activity Log.

To export a workspace list to a CSV file:

  1. From the Manage Workspaces page, filter the workspaces list using the Status, Modules, and Type filters:

    MSP filter list

  2. Select ACTIONS:

    MSP Actions

  3. Select Export to CSV:

    Export to CSV

    A message is displayed to confirm the CSV export is in process:

    Export in progress

    After the export is complete, the CSV can be downloaded from the Activity Log.

  4. Select Activity Logs from the toolbar:

    Activity Log

  5. Navigate to the new entry which confirms a CSV report has been generated:

    CSV generated

  6. Select DOWNLOAD:

    CSV Download

    The CSV export file is downloaded:

    CSV Downloaded

The following workspace information is included in the CSV export file:

  • Company name

  • Display name

  • Workspace ID

  • Workspace type

  • Parent workspace ID

  • Plan

  • Days left of Coro subscription

  • Number of Protected users

  • Number of Protected devices

  • Number of Protectable users

  • Max number users under the license

  • Last active

  • For each workspace module and add-on: A flag to indicate whether a particular module/add-on is applicable to the workspace

CSV fields