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Can I still use Coro once my free trial has expired?

Yes. Once your free trial of Coro has expired you can continue to use the Freemium version (Coro Free). Coro Free monitoring covers all threats: data governance and data loss, malware & ransomware, phishing and human errors, and users' devices and cloud app accounts. The difference between Coro Free and premium plans is that the latter offers both automatic and supervised threat remediation across domains.

Is the Coro platform available in languages other than English?

Currently, the Coro platform is only available in English.

What percentage of my day-to-day security operations can Coro automate?

Coro automatically handles at least 95% of your daily security tasks by automating best practices and employing various AI techniques to automatically classify and resolve tickets. This means you only need to devote 5% of your current time to daily security operations management.

How do I sign-up for a free trial of Coro?

To sign-up to the Coro trial, please visit

Where can I view the SE labs analysis report?

You can view the SE labs analysis report by visiting Select the banner at the top of the page to view the report.

Coro report

Can Coro be provided to clients in Africa?

Depending on the country, using Coro effectively will require local language support as well as language and country-specific data governance modules. Currently, the Coro platform is only available in English.

Is it safe to install, use, and uninstall the trial version of Coro in a production environment without impacting already installed applications?

Yes, you can safely install and use the trial version of Coro. All the features are available to use until the trial expires. After the trial expires, functionality which is not available is grayed out.